For anyone who owns a pet, you know how tough it is during the summer to find activities to do with your pet.  Either they aren’t allowed or it’s too hot.

Meet Sydney

Well, as the dog-mom of a 16 month old cockapoo named Sydney, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to leave him out of an activity that he would have loved.  So, after seeing him in his crate on one too many weekend days, I decided to hunt down some activities he could do with me where we’d both get to enjoy the ‘dog days of summer.’

If it’s one thing my dog loves to do, it’s run (Or steal people’s socks and run, whichever)! Being a runner myself, this works out pretty well!  On Sunday mornings, Syd and I head over to Kelly Drive in Philadelphia and hit the pavement.  With my trusty sidekick next to me, we run a few miles (in between people stopping me to tell me how cute he is, yes… I know) then stop at Dunkin Donuts – iced coffee for me, munchkins for him.  Win/Win!

Most dogs like water… they like to drink it, run through it, jump in it.  Syd’s the same way.  The one thing I couldn’t wait to do was let him run in the ocean, but as I walked him onto the Ocean City beach in June, I was informed that dogs aren’t permitted between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  Thank you rent-a-guard – glad I just drove over an hour to get here and now have nothing to show for it.  There had to be a beach where Syd could go!  My trusty smart phone located one and off we went to Sunset Beach in Cape May where he had the best time!

Another one of Syd’s favorite past times is eating!  It doesn’t matter what it is, he’ll try it (his fondness for fresh produce is quite funny and lets not even talk about custard!).  So when we’re out and about, grabbing something to eat often happens.  Finding pet friendly dining establishments is tough.  Since I’m not a fast food eater, I have to prepare ahead.  I live near an extremely pet friendly town that’s peppered with outdoor seating restaurants that allow well behaved pets.  It’s usually a good sign that a place is pet friendly if you notice water bowls out for thirsty pups, but make sure to call ahead as the laws in each area are different!  You know the Nassau Inn is a pet friendly hotel, right?  Fact!

Since there are times when I do have to leave Syd behind, I found the next best thing for him is puppy daycare (dogs must be up to date on their vaccinations and must also have a bordetella shot)! He gets to play with other dogs and comes home thoroughly exhausted – BONUS!  Two places that provide excellent care and long hours are PetsMart and Camp Bowwow!

Now that you know a little bit about Syd and our misadventures, tell me, what kind of pet do you have?  How do you spend time with them?  Where are some of the pet friendly places you like to go?

Need Ideas?
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By: Lauren Scarpa






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