The Holiday Spirit

By: Jackie Brigante

I am a last minute holiday executer. I scrupulously plan out my entire life, but I tend to procrastinate on the actual executions. Halloween costumes get thrown together the day before Halloween, presents get purchased within days of events and my Thanksgiving Day desserts get (literally) put on the back burner. As an avid consumer – or shopping obsessed as some are so inclined to refer to me – it would make sense that I would completely be all over the retail holiday magic. Not so much.

By the end of October, stores are chock full of holiday…well, crap. Decorations are not only already being sold in department stores pharmacies and the grocery store, but aforementioned stores have decorated themselves to the T! As I have never been a retail employee myself, it is hard for me to understand this phenomenon. Does this drive holiday sales? Do kids really already know what they want? Am I already supposed to know what I want?! Am I supposed to want things?

This is all extremely overwhelming – I haven’t even cracked open the bags of my leftover Halloween candy or savored enough pumpkin lattes!

The holiday spirit is wonderful; and I absolutely adore the smell of freshly baked sugar cookies and cinnamon Yankee Candles – I am not completely cynical – I just want the spirit to still feel whole when the holidays do finally approach and the sounds of the season are fresh.

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