The Comforts of Home Towns

By: Keir DeFonzo

Growing up in Concord, Massachusetts; I have vivid memories of being part of a community that took pride in its role of American history. Concord is a town known the start of the American Revolution and the “shot heard round the world”. Its landmarks are what make the town what it is today with the Old

Colonial Inn

North Bridge, Louisa May Alcott’s House, Walden Pond and of course the old Colonial Inn; which is located in the heart of Concord. The Colonial Inn was and still is a place for locals and visitors to gather socially or a base to find out the things to do in the area. Since I have been living close to Princeton and working at the Nassau Inn, I can relate to the significance it holds for the town and our guests.

Nassau Inn has planned events for decades with people whom have fond memories of out establishment from their childhood. Mothers have come with their daughters whose dream was to have a Nassau Inn wedding. One woman planned her mother’s 90th birthday party here. The Inn was a residence for their family back in the 1960’s as their home was being built in Princeton. The most recent event that that touched me greatly was a daughter whom planned her mother’s memorial service in our Palmer room. She felt this was the best place to celebrate her parent’s life since they were married here back in 1941.

There are so many comforts the Inn provides that make people feel at home. Whether it’s a quiet, comfortable spot in the Lobby to read a book, grab a hot cup of coffee and a homemade cookie at the end of the day, meet a friend in the Tap Room for a drink, grab information on local events at the front desk or even stop in to use the restrooms after a rigorous day of shopping on Nassau Street. The Nassau Inn is woven into the fabric of Princeton’s past, present and future.

Generations come here year after year because it is a place which remains constant in a society that is

Downtown Princeton

rapidly changing. With the advancement of technology, communication is driven more through a computer screen. One thing, however, remains constant: our desire for face to face hospitality and the need for human relationships. People still enjoy a couch by the fireplace to read. People still love to receive a warm greeting and smile when entering the establishment. People still fantasize about big family celebrations happening in the Prince William ballroom. All the modern day advancements that make life more convenient will never replace the feeling you get from having a place to go where you are made to feel you belong. The Nassau Inn serves as this place for everyone; the door is always open, season after season, year after year. Just as I reminisce about the Colonial Inn and Concord as always being the original place I called home, this is where memories are made, dreams come true and a place to call your home away from home.

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