The Art of Princeton

By: Jackie Brigante

September in Princeton is always an exciting time. As the leaves change and the acorns drop, we get the highly unique experience of being subjected to Princeton art. As the university offers a variety of art classes, students work dubiously around downtown painting, drawing and photographing the scene to capture it in an eternally pure form.

Recently, Princeton was host to a highly exclusive and rare traveling art show. Legacy Productions visited Palmer Square in an attempt to spread the talent and knowledge of one of the world’s most famous and distinct travelers. Through his experiences in music and travel; John Lennon has defined our culture in a magnificent way that came naturally and without a second thought.

This show, “Gimme Some Truth: the Artwork of John Lennon,” backed by the support of Yoko Ono; exhibited Mr. Lennon’s abilities of capturing everyday life in a simplistic yet sophisticated way that only a true artist can produce. Many famous song lyrics that were performed by The Beatles have been captured in a raw, handwritten form composed in John Lennon’s personal notebooks and sketchpads and reproduced in a beautiful, honest form for fans, young and old, to soak in and appreciate.

As traveling art can be an escape worthy of advantage; steady and grounded art is forever. The Princeton University Art Museum is full of beautiful and traditional paintings, sculptures and history. A staple for the university and Princeton has a whole; the museum offers a variety of collections from Ancient and Islamic Art to European and Contemporary Art.

Experiencing art is an important aspect for the growth of knowledge and learning the underlying creative world, more than just history, knowledge and news. Enjoy art: find a principal locality to start or continue an epic journey that will challenge your mind and force worldly experiences upon yourself.

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