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Yankee Doodle Tap Room PatioAlthough the ground hog may have been wrong about spring coming early, summer is just around the corner. Most breweries brew their seasonal beers a few months before the actual season comes. This being said, the newest item on the shelves right now are the Summer Shandys.  A Summer Shandy beer is a blend of lager and lemonade. It makes for a crisp and refreshing drink on those hot summer days by the pool or on the Yankee Doodle Tap Room’s dining patio.

544919_10151825245907787_525099022_nThis year, the Tap Room will be featuring Leinenkugel’s version of a Summer Shandy. Leinenkugel’s history is almost as great as the Nassau Inn’s itself. Jacob Leinenkugel from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, founded the company in 1867. What started out as a small company grew into a widely known craft beer brewery.  Even during the hardest of times, the Leinenkugel family found ways to reinvent and maintain a stance. During prohibition, the company produced a non-alcoholic beer called Leino and made a huge profit selling their own soda brand.

goat Leinenkugel uses a wheat beer mixed with natural lemonade flavor to create their Summer Shandy. It is crisp and light and can be enjoyed with our new fried goat cheese and strawberry salad.

Be sure to check the Tap Talk blog each month to learn more about craft beer.  In May, we will be featuring our exciting summer beer tasting line up!

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