The origins of Spring Cleaning are said to date back to the Iranian Norouz, or the Persian New Year, which falls on the first day of spring. Iranians have a tradition of cleaning their houses from top to bottom in preparation for their new year; which helped coin the term, “Spring Cleaning”.

It is also a tradition in Greece to thoroughly clean the house in the week leading up to the Great Lent; which is in early spring.

Americans and Europeans adapted this term; and used is it as an excuse to clean house as the weather got warmer after the long winter. Prior to vacuum cleaners; this time was used to take rugs and carpets outside to beat the dust off them that had settled. This time was also used to open the windows to allow the cool spring winds – too cold for bugs! – to carry the dust out of the house.

To me, spring cleaning is a good excuse to wash all of my blankets and pillows. I love letting them sit out in the sun to dry: a sun-dried pillow always makes for an amazing night of sleep. When I was on college, we would always use the first few warm days to clean out our cars and rooms to get ready for finals and move-out day.

Maybe my spring cleaning always makes me think of leaving school; but really, I think I just like the excuse (and motivation!) to go all out and purge everything that I own. And I will admit that I get excited every time that I find something I had completely forgotten about!

So I pose this question to you, blog readers…Are you going to take part in spring cleaning this year? Tell me what your favorite part of spring cleaning is, and if you use it as an excuse to clean or if you are a believer!

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