Your night begins inside the historic Nassau Inn – the same inn that hosted luminaries such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Grover Cleveland, Andrew Carnegie, Malcolm Forbes, the Ford Families, and many more.

Following your private seasonal fall themed dinner, a TAPs certified ghost hunter will arrive to prep your group for your paranormal team building event. EMF meters, dowsing rods, and therma-meters are some of the tools each of your guests will use throughout the evening. Paranormal professionals will guide your investigation into areas of the hotel reported as haunted by Nassau Inn staff. It is here that your guests will test out the PEAR lamp, the device designed by Princeton University Professors which proves paranormal activity exists.

After guests bundle up, your group will be escorted to haunted areas on the Princeton University campus. The event concludes with a picturesque stroll through Palmer Square leading inside a locked cemetery, where guests will have private access to see the gravestones of Grover Cleveland, Aaron Burr Jr., Nobel Prize Winners, and countless typhoons.

Dinner & Ghost Hunt Package

Call 609-921-7500 or email to book your Dinner & Ghost Hunt today. 

Minimum of 20 people per group. All menus are subject to change. 15% gratuity, 6% taxable service charge and 6.875% New Jersey sales tax will apply.

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