On October 29th, 2012 Hurricane Sandy changed the lives of those living throughout New Jersey and New York like never before.  The freak weather phenomenon, or Frankenstorm as it was called, destroyed homes and businesses, left millions of people without power and resources – not to forget those who lost their lives, and left what was once the Jersey shore unrecognizable.

Now, here we are two weeks later.  The destruction still exists, although clean-up has begun.  People are slowly regaining power and trying to return to a semblance of normalcy as best they can.  The feelings of desperation and devastation are starting to ease and it’s all due to the tremendous outpouring of support and aid available.  People from around the world are donating to help those who’ve lost everything.  Electric companies from all over the US drove here to lend support – you may have seen them driving up and down the highways looking for their next location to restore.  It’s humbling to see communities pull together, government and celebrities assisting in the clean-up, and fundraising events to support the rebuild.  People are starting to have hope again.  Although they may not regain exactly what they once had, they will regain something bigger… a new lease on life.

One of the hardest parts for people to overcome is the loss of memories. Homes that people lived in, raised their families in, and built their lives in are under water.  Sites where many spent their childhoods are gone.  Restaurants where families enjoyed a meal no longer exist.  Businesses that people depend on are now closed.

A popular saying is ‘it takes a catastrophic event like this for people to realize what’s really important” and that’s pretty accurate.  Those who’ve experienced this hurricane will never forget it or the sacrifice of those who came to help.

The Princeton community was hit hard by Sandy, but in comparison to other areas, we were more fortunate.  To help those who’ve lost everything, the Princeton Business Community has united to host a Hurricane Sandy Relief Drive on November 20, 2012.  During that day, people are asked to shop and dine in participating business.  A portion of all sales will be donated to New Jersey coastline relief efforts as well as the American Red Cross.  Our Yankee Doodle Tap Room will be participating in the Drive and we hope you will too.  To see a list of all local area participating businesses, please click here.

Through darkness comes light – through tragedy comes awareness – through suffering comes comfort.   As time passes, New Jersey and New York will rebuild and we will regain our strength.  Our communities will thrive again, our shores will be restored, and we will create new memories.

How did Hurricane Sandy impact you? 

What was the most important thing that came out of this experience for you?

By: Lauren Scarpa

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