There are so many elements to planning your wedding reception.  Everyone has their own opinion on what the “perfect” reception should be for them.  Here are a few things, the Do’s and Don’ts to think about while planning your special day.

Want the perfect designer shoes to walk down the aisle in?  One thing to keep in mind for the reception is to bring a comfortable pair of shoes, even flip-flops, to change into after your first dance.  You feet will be happy you did!

Don’t forget an emergency kit for the day of the wedding that can include anything from a needle and thread to clear nail polish, superglue, safety pins and bobby pins.  You never know what will happen when you least expect it and this will be a life saver.

Take a few minutes during cocktail hour to peek into the space where dinner and dancing is going to be held that evening.  You are the last to walk into the room and will never see what it truly looked like once guests are in the room.  Pictures may not do it justice and it is a great feeling to see your vision come all together.

Chicken dance? Hokey Pokey?  Not your style?  Make sure you talk to your entertainment personnel and go over songs that you do and do not want to be played at the reception.

If you don’t love the chairs at your venue consider renting chiavari chairs rather than chair covers.  Chair covers rarely fit chairs correctly and are normally either too tight or too large on the chairs and often fall short of expectations.

Make sure you sit down and enjoy some of the food being served during dinner.  Brides always say that they are going to be too busy to sit down during the reception.  It is a long day and you are being pulled in every direction and sitting down for a few minutes and enjoying the food will refuel you for the next few hours of your reception.

Limit the number of toasts at your reception.  Stick to three or less.  Your rehearsal dinner is a great time for the bridal party and parents to give their toasts while it is a smaller more intimate group of guests.

Be mindful of older guests and don’t seat them next to the band or DJ.  Sitting next to the speakers will make it very difficult to hear to hear one another talk and enjoy themselves.

Don’t cut the wedding cake until an hour before the end of the reception.  If it is cut and served right after dinner guests may think the reception is ready to wind down.

While having the bar inside the dinner space may seem like a great idea, keep this in mind, guests who are seated at the tables directly next to the bar are effected the most as there will be a larger crowd congregating around the bar as opposed to it being directly outside of the room.  For picture purposes you don’t want all your guests huddled in a corner!

Don’t let others influence your decisions when planning your reception.  This is your day and it should be everything that you have dreamed it would be.

Towards the end of the evening don’t forget to thank your family and friends for sharing this special day with you.  After the cake is cut is a great time to do this.

It’s your day, your loved ones, memories for life!

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