For years I’d heard testimony of ghost sightings at the Nassau Inn, however I had spent countless hours walking the hallowed corridors and never experienced even the slightest offbeat encounter.

At times I wondered about the possibility, if for no other reason than the consistency of guest’s stories. Many took place in the same location and their experiences were similar in nature. Ultimately I listened to the stories and although I was agreeable, I was not a believer.

That was until about two years ago…

I was walking up the grand staircase leading to our second floor lobby when I saw a woman. She was in her mid to late 20’s walking up about five feet ahead of me.  I hardly noticed her but when I did I noticed that she had both her hands cupped together and they were full of change.  As she was turning left up the second set of stairs she dropped a quarter.  I quickly reached down to retrieve it for her.  She looked back at me and smiled.  As I picked up the quarter I saw her turn left off of the staircase. I quickly chased after her yelling, “Miss?  ghost of nassauMiss….Miss……………….Miss?  She was gone, nowhere in sight.  I frantically searched the area, but anyone who is familiar with the second floor lobby knows there is nowhere to disappear too, especially in the matter of seconds.  I looked quickly in the surrounding areas, when I didn’t find her I searched my brain for a rational explanation. I finally came to the conclusion that I may have just had my first and hopefully last encounter with a Nassau ghost.  I put the quarter in my pocket still searching, but now I was in a state of bewilderment that to others looked as though I was wondering about aimlessly.

This took place in the midst of a usual day at the Nassau Inn.  The lobby was buzzing with celebratory wedding guests and there was much to do.  I quickly got back to the work at hand and put the “encounter” in the back of my mind. Being a true skeptic made this very easy to do. It wasn’t until later that night, in the quiet of my office that I was able to reflect on the day.  I mentally replayed my meeting with this mysterious woman and there was only one conclusion – the stories of a younger woman walking up and down our grand staircase before vanishing, were true.

I now questioned many of the dismissed stories I’d been told throughout the years by our guests and my colleagues.  As I made this revelation I remembered the quarter in my pocket. I was suddenly curious about the quarter and what year it was?  I abruptly threw my hand in my pocket, then the other pocket, then with a near panic standing up I checked all of my pockets even the inside pockets of my suit….nothing.  The quarter was gone.

Needless to say, I now listen with a little less skepticism to these stories.  I wonder, how many times had I passed this young woman on those very stairs and assumed her to be another guest, and had I ever seen the man on the fifth floor and just assumed him a guest. I’ve come to the conclusion that although we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the day, these encounters are happening, even if we don’t realize it!

Happy Halloween to all!

Yours in Hospitality, Mr. X



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