By: Jaime Wess

Being pregnant in the summer has its major downfalls; especially being eight months pregnant! Any woman who has experienced this, can and will, back me up. However, I could not have picked a better location to work for convenience and relief from the summer heat and from the discomforts that come along with it.

First, let us focus on a pregnant woman’s favorite pastime. It isn’t a bottle of wine, nor lounging and relaxing in a hot tub; and it certainly isn’t high heel shopping … its Food!!! The only indulgence she gets to have anymore. But as great as it is to give in to a strong craving for something very, very bad for yourself, sometimes you have to rein it in a little. Princeton is perfect for finding a variety of delicious treats and lunches! My favorite, on days when it has been 100 degrees outside and far too humid to walk for a half hour, is Twist – the well known frozen yogurt shop located on Nassau Street. The offerings of different flavors, nonfat or low fat options and the variety of toppings keep me coming back!

A great lunch spot is Tico’s, which boasts fun salads, healthy wraps and veggie quesadillas…just to name a few choices. My favorite part of Tico’s is the juice bar. There is a fantastic selection of fresh fruits and veggies, and may I recommend – pregnant ladies – kale and apple for your juice, which is full of iron- the important mineral for keeping your energy high.

Shopping in the square and Nassau Street has its perks. Palmer Square is mommyheaven with Luxaby Baby & Child, displaying classic outfits and quality materials rarely found in children’s clothing anymore. Brands such as Petite Bateau can be found here and will last a lifetime. There is also JaZams, the most original yet classic toy store I have been in by far! Between dress- up outfits, educational and solid wood constructed toys that can stand the test of time and a fantastic book selection: you can’t go wrong with this toy store.

They say a pregnant woman should exercise a half hour per day. But after working eight hours, going home to cook dinner and then finally being able to lay down to relax, it is hard to find the time. My solution has been to take a half hour walk everyday on my lunch break: and Princeton just so happens to offer an amazing scenic route! Princeton University, located a stones throw across the street, has become my preferred walking path. I get to appreciate the architecture of the beautiful halls (my personal favorite being the Princeton Chapel); all while getting variety in my exercise with the different sets of stairs connecting buildings and pathways. Noteworthy to mention are the public restrooms along the way …in case of emergencies. Prospect Garden is the nature hike portion of my walk and the part I look forward to the most. Having an exercise routine you look forward to really makes all the difference – it makes or breaks you showing up to it every day.

To end this piece, Princeton is a great town: to live in, to work in, and to visit. With my growing family I am excited to see what fun outing will come next!

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