Guest blog by: Mimi Omiecinski of Princeton Tour Company

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During Geek Freak Weekend ……. Nerds will RULE in Princeton!

Einstein was born on March 14th – 3.14 – the numeric equivalent of Pi. The entire town of Princeton celebrates this amazing coincidence with tons of hysterical events during the 2nd Annual Pi Day Princeton:
• Pub Crawl
• Pi Recitations
• M-Athlete Events
• Pie Throwing Events
• Pie Eating Contests  (@ Nassau Inn!)
• Re enacter Tours
• Pie Judging Contests
• A No-Socks Sock Hop
• Pi Pricing from local merchants
• The Einstein Look-A-Like Contest

Want a cheat sheet to enjoying the weekend? Here you go:
Check out the “nerd” on the Pi Day Princeton poster– His hair spells out the names of all the Nobel Prize Winners for math and science that lived in Princeton! There will be times during the weekend that if you can recite all the names, you might just get famous!

Famous folks born on Pi Day:
Albert Einstein
Billy Crystal
Quincy Jones
Umberto I of Italy
Michael Caine
Prince Albert of Monaco
Megan Follows (played Anne of Green Gable)
Taylor Hanson (member of boy band Hanson)
Be sure to check out for a full listing of events or download our app off iTunes closer to the event!

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