The Nassau Inn Sales Team is fortunate to have two very ambitious young ladies working for them.  Both are fortunate enough to have an insider’s perspective on all of the fabulous events that take place here.  Ashley Comaites (top left) and Jackie Brigante (bottom right) dish on the goings-on at the Nassau Inn.

Ashley Comaites, Catering Coordinator

As wedding season is in full swing; we take a half a step back to see exactly what goes in to one special day.

The sales team at the Nassau Inn prides itself on time management, attention to detail and an overall obsession with perfection. On-site receptions are made up of many different working parts, requiring the entire staff to communicate and work together to make every aspect special.

Engaged couples chose the Nassau Inn for a variety of reasons: our simple elegance and colonial charm mixed with a modern twist of food and beverage makes the Princeton’s Nassau Inn the perfect location for a dream wedding. The experienced culinary staff and sales team take pride in creating a unique wedding celebration that never fail to impress.

The purchasing department is on top of every vegetarian and special ordered food item the team needs, and the front desk staff and housekeeping departments make sure every room is in perfect order for guests that are staying in-house.

Attention is one of the many working aspects the Nassau Inn’s sales team can guarantee a bride-to-be. During phone calls and appointments, staying patient and positive is a standard of service promised to each client that passes through our doors. While professionalism and communication are key to any big celebration; the excitement upstairs in our offices is what really brings the day together for the staff.

Jackie Brigante, Sales Assistant

A typical Friday afternoon during wedding season will find our offices full of goodies for the big day. As wedding decorations are dropped off by clients; they are whisked away upstairs for a meticulous inventory and thorough inspection of pictures, wedding albums and cake toppers. After a whole week of discussing each wedding in detail, we love getting to see photos of the bride- and groom-to-be.

Sneaking down to the banquet rooms is another Friday afternoon treat. Watching the tables get set and the centerpieces arranged really puts into perspective how hard the banquet staff works to follow detailed instructions from the sales team to get every aspect perfect.

The kicker for us, is perfect weather on a Friday afternoon. Peeking out from our upstairs windows gives us a prime view of Palmer Square; and lots of opportunity to watch photographers take pictures of the wedding party. Our famous exterior is a great location for photographs, and watching this magic day unfold really puts us behind the Red Door.

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